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I can't believe I'm actually typing this but.... our shop is expanding!!! Our sweet lil’ home decor shop opened March 6th and within a week the world shut down due to COVID-19. Thankfully we are located inside James T. Davis, Lynchburg's favorite paint and home improvement store. Being an essential business meant that as long as the guidelines were followed they could stay open which meant Katrina & Co. got to stay open too. Boy, did you guys show up and support us. You showed us that Lynchburg loves local and because of that in partnership with James T. Davis, Katrina & Co. is going from 250 sq. ft to approx. 3,000 sq.ft!!! I mean STOP IT!!! I have cried (multiple times) and have just been in complete awe at the blessing of this opportunity.

Katrina & Company

Katrina & Company

James T. Davis has been a trademark of Lynchburg since 1936. The staff is amazing and they really are the experts for all things home projects! The best part? They manufacture the paint right here in Lynchburg. I'll take you on a tour of the paint plant one day!

Here we grow!

Over the next two weeks, Katrina & Co. will be making the transition into our expanded space. We will remain open and committed to providing you with personalized service and expert design advice. My goal for this partnership is to bring you the very best home decor, design, giftables, and home fragrances. We have new inventory arriving every two weeks and our window displays will be changing seasonally. Stay tuned for the date for our Christmas Open House. Below is a peek at the furniture and lighting that we have coming in next week.

With the Katrina & Company partnership James T. Davis is now Lynchburg's premier one-stop design, home decor, and paint shop!! Come in and watch the store transform. It's going to be AMAZING!!

7 comments on “Lynchburg's Premier Home Decor Shop”

  1. So fabulous! Happy for you and your business which showcases your talents in such a wonderful way. Came by hoping to see you a few weeks ago, but you were tied up. Will definitely come again!

  2. As always .... So happy for you and your partnership with James T Davis. This will certainly lift both of your businesses to higher levels of exposure and service to your customers.We'll be there supporting you .Congratulations 🎈🎈🎈

  3. Love the photos of your shop. And the sneak peek of the furniture... do you or will you have online shopping too?

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