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How to Find Joy Each Day

by  Katrina Morris

How do you find joy each day? I think we mistake happiness for joy but they have two very different definitions.

Happiness is a feeling. It changes all the time and is mostly determined by our emotions. While joy is a deep sense of well being even when our circumstances are changing.  People can steal your happiness but no one can steal your joy. Most of the time joy is accompanied peace.

As a mom, wife, and entrepreneur I can tell you that my happiness is very circumstantial.  Sometimes I find everyday moments are slipping away. Our family just moved to another state to grow our business and live our dream of being closer to the beach. We are in a season of newness and living our dream. But you know what? Some days I haven't been happy. Some days are just plain tough and weird. Learning to navigate a new city, a new level in business, and set up a new home for our family has brought an unexpected flood of emotions that I really don't like.

So the question remains,

How do I find joy each day?

We are wired for more. More than what our circumstances can bring, more than money can buy, and MORE than any dream can fulfil. For me, faith is all I have to keep me grounded in joy. Knowing that Scott and I have unity in the decision we made for our family and we sought the Lord to guide us is the key. Leaning on our own understanding is grounds for failure, frustration, and giving up.

Proverbs 3 verses 5-6 Tell us exactly that

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your own understanding; 6 In all your ways know him,and he will direct your paths straight.

If all we do is focus on our own understanding and what is in front of us then we will miss out on living a life of joy. Life is too hard to bear and go it alone. The news is grim. The economy is grim. But, we don't have to be.

Find joy on the beach boardwalk with blue sky

Finding joy each day takes time. It takes discipline and commitment to spending uninterrupted time in the word. Reading a devotional and then studying about it that day or week. Soon after, the discipline turns into a want and then a need. You will notice your perspective changes and before you know it your mind and heart are full of joy. You will react different to people including your spouse, kids, and colleagues. It's a pretty significant life change. What once had you down and miserable will no longer have that hold on you. We will still experience pain and heartache but the freedom that comes with living a life with joy is worth everything.

My challenge to you

I challenge you to find joy each day. I challenge you to shift your perspective and focus on who is above you NOT what is in front of you. You are not alone, I am having to do the same thing right now. The giant is not as big as he looks, we have to keep going. Keep finding the Joy in each day.









4 comments on “How to Find Joy Each Day”

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and the truth from God’s word! Saying a prayer for you and your family today.

    1. Thank you Teresa! I want to use my platform to bring more joy into the world.

  2. I love how you share your faith and the difference between joy and happiness. I so agree. Looking forward to seeing your store. I hope you’ll continue to post pics. What do you see as being one of the biggest trends in decorating in the upcoming year? I like more neutral’s with a pop of color.

    1. Thank you Cheryl, We are excited to see how God works! As far as the design trends for the upcoming year I would definitely say that neutrals play a huge role. Using a neutral color palette allows for a pop of color to be infused seamlessly. I hope that helps!

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