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When My Plans Fail

by  Katrina Morris


Hi friends, many of you know that we have been renovating and decorating our two daughters’ shared bedroom for months. After endless hours of painting, cleaning, fluffing pillows, and organizing we are finally finished! Alas, they have a bedroom that reflects their personalities...for now! Last week I decided to have each of them create a painting. I had two large frames hanging around from a previous project and knew they were the right size. This was the last piece of the puzzle, the finish line was in sight! However, as I was putting one of the paintings in the frame the glass shattered into a million pieces. Some were large and others were shreds of glass barely visible. I was so disappointed. This was not part of my plan. I didn't have time to clean up the mess from the broken glass. Although, in order to move forward with my final plan, I had to pick up the pieces. So I grabbed the broom and started cleaning."REALLY", I let out with a sigh, a piece of glass had sliced open my finger. Quickly I grabbed a paper towel and waited for the bleeding to stop. I could feel my anxiety growing and the irritation welling up inside. Now my plans were pushed even further behind. "Lord, this was just a simple task!" Almost immediately I heard a whisper in my heart that changed the way I looked at the broken glass. He whispered so gently, "Sometimes we have to break into a million pieces before we can truly become a masterpiece." You see, without the glass, the paintings are FREE from any glare or distraction to the beauty inside the frame. Isn't that what life is like? Each of us has our own plans and dreams, then out of nowhere, we get a devastating blow that breaks us into a million pieces. We are left to pick up those pieces of a broken relationship, career, medical diagnosis, etc... We must first be broken before the best part of us is put back together. Each time it reveals a brighter truer version of ourselves. When we stop looking through the glass and start seeing the actual painting of our life we realize that true beauty is found within. It's not found in social media, politics, or money. We are to be a vibrant, bold, and bright light that can not be overlooked. The light that shines so bright makes everyone around us shine too. Do you feel broken today? It's time to discard those shattered pieces and allow the truth to set you FREE! He has a plan and purpose for you. We must learn from our brokenness and seek His will for our lives. Take the time to read God's word and cry out to Him today. He already knows your broken places and He is waiting to put the best of you back together. You are a masterpiece. Below are verses that have helped me pick up the broken pieces of my own life. I hope they will bring you encouragement today.  You are loved, my friend. Find your light and let it shine. 

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32 (NIV)"I can do all things through Him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13 (NIV

 XOXO, Katrina Morris 

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