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by  katrina

That’s right! Katrina & Co. and the Morris family is moving! We couldn’t be more excited and a little nervous!  Follow along as we take the next steps to live our dream. Our hope is that as we share our journey it will inspire you to step out on faith too.

We are moving to the port city of Wilmington North Carolina. It's hard to believe that our family is taking this huge leap of faith and headed south! Scott's dream has always been to live at the beach but we thought that was a retirement goal. In 2021 He heard very clear that is was time to close his business and go all in for my home decor shoppe and Interior Design business.

I have been designing and decorating for clients for over nine years. After taking some time to renovate our farmhouse "The Morris Manor" we decide to open a home decor shoppe in 2020. It's been a journey for sure, and the fact we opened a week before COVID hit was a real eye opener. Learning and growing a business during COVID separates the passionate verses those in it for a hobby. I have learned grit and perseverance like I never intended.

Life isn't meant to be easy

Clearly, we don't like to do things the easy or convenient way. A life worth living is also worth risking and sacrificing for a more meaningful gain. We don't desire to be successful for our own selves. We want to be a blessing to others. To share our gifts and inspire more people like you to dream and go after it. For me, inspiring women to create a home of true connection and beauty through intentional design is just the beginning.

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