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Perfect Gray Kitchen Pantry Progress

by  katrina

We have a large walk-in pantry located directly off the kitchen. When we first moved into our farmhouse I simply painted the pantry white and called it a day! Fast forward three years and it is time to add a little southern charm to our modern farmhouse. Introducing our newly updated moody gray kitchen pantry.


The Pantry Before:

It was painted a 1950's dutch blue caked with 70 years of year and tear. But what a difference a little elbow grease and white paint make.



It was a drastic improvement but there was still one major issue. There was no insulation behind the old drywall. Every winter we could feel the cold air blowing in from outside therefore making our heat pump work extra hard. So this year it was time to tackle the issue before winter arrives.

Below is the photo after we ripped all the drywall down. Two very important notes to make: 1) Nothing is straight. Don't expect it to be. 2) You will always be surprised at what's behind the wall or ceiling.

We found a vaulted ceiling!!


One of the most important pieces to put the pantry back together. (besides picking the paint color 🙂 Insulation! If you are renovating please check your local building codes to ensure the correct R-value is applied. It will save you money in the long run and keep you cozy in the winter.

R-Value is the measure of how well a layer of insulation, a window, or a complete wall or ceiling resists the flow of heat.


The Perfect Gray Pantry Color

The paint brand is Behr from Home Depot. The color is called Unpredictable Hue. It's the perfect warm gray with brown undertones. The tone is soft, moody, and classic. It warms up the space without making it feel smaller.

We are seeing the cold gray hues take a back seat to their warmer counterparts. Look for undertones of brown, green, or black. Order your sample of Unpredictable Hue HERE and test it in your own home.








It's functional and we love it. When we take the time to make something look good we tend to take more care in keeping it clean. I hope you love our gray kitchen pantry makeover, I'm only sorry it took me a month to post. I'm working on time management for 2020. (:

You can see our Kitchen renovation with all the before and after pictures here. It was one of my first blog posts so forgive any mistakes, please.

Modern Farmhouse pantry with southern charm (2)

Modern Farmhouse pantry with southern charm (2)


Katrina Morris

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