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When Your Dream is Too Big

by  Katrina Morris

Have you ever heard, "What a dream come true"? Maybe you have had a few dream come true moments in your life. Really mountain top experiences that you never thought would actually happen. Those are important but today I'm talking about the secret dream in your heart. The one that keeps reappearing even when you try to push it away. That one dream that if you tell someone they may call you crazy or tell you the economy is failing and now is not a good time. Or maybe you will hear something like this, "You have a good job, nice house, new car, and good benefits, are you willing to leave all of that?" Yes, that really scary very risky, full act of faith dream. That is what I am addressing today.

Is that dream really too big?

Or is it that you are just scared to take the next step out of fear of failure? Maybe you are worried about what people will say or think or you will disappoint (fill in the blank).... if this doesn't work out? Those are logical thoughts but let's rephrase those a bit. Maybe ask yourself, Who you will impact through living out your dream or if the dream becomes a reality how will that affect your legacy.

The journey to living out that BIG DREAM starts with a daily step. And then the next day and the next day and the one after that. You get what I'm saying, right? It's a marathon. Don't believe the lie that you can go viral on social media and then the rest is history. It may happen for a few but the majority of people quit before their breakthrough. And trust me you will have a breakthrough. You will fine tune your skills, try new techniques, and pivot through changes.

My dream started about 10 years ago, when I began decorating homes and selling decor in a small retail space. Something happened, I fell in love with making women feel great about their home and themselves. Since then it has grown into a passion and a purpose (with multiple breakthroughs). Every step of the journey has felt too big and wayyy bigger than what I could handle.

dream is too big 1 corinthians 15:28

Being Equipped

There is no 5 step process or 10 ways to live your dream life. There is only one simple step. The number one "no fail" way to live out that dream that is bigger than you is to spend time with Jesus.

Yes, cultivating a real relationship with the creator of our universe and master of all will 100% fully equip you to handle that dream. Because, you really can't do it alone. If He has set that dream a blaze inside your spirit then He is the only one that can walk you through living it out. Getting into a supportive community and surrounding yourself with women of like mind and character will also help you through the day to day.

I say this because after 10 years of serving women through interior design, decorating, and encouragement I am even more passionate for what is to come.

Let me be really vulnerable for a second and tell you my future dreams.

  • Host a Podcast
  • Speaking engagements
  • Attending conferences and workshops that will further my reach
  • Continued growth for my design/ decorating business

It's a lot.... I know.

And you know what? I am more determined than ever to keep going and stay this course. To keep dreaming and walking out each day one step at a time.

The clarity that develops as you keep moving brings perseverance, tenacity, and strength of character. It will equip and empower you to live a joyful and abundant life with purpose. I really hope this inspires you to take your dream serious and step out in faith. Your legacy is waiting.



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