We love an outdoor entertaining set up. Decorating a patio, screened-in porch, or poolside deck feels so fun, because the possibilities are endless. With an outdoor space, you aren’t as tied to your indoor style and can experiment with colors, textures, and themes that you otherwise may shy away from. It’s a great way to give decor types a trial run before committing them to the interior of your home!

Today we are touring Sandra’s home, one of Katrina’s friends. Sandra’s screened in porch is such an oasis for her and her husband where, even on the rainiest of days, they can still feel the fresh air and enjoy their outdoor space.

Gold Mesh Basket, Lemon Table Runner, Norden Dinner Plate, Norden Dessert Plate, Norden Ice Cream Bowl, Round Vase with Leather Cuff 

Finding the Right Furniture for Outdoor Spaces

When shopping for furniture for outdoor spaces, it is important that you find furniture that gives you the flexibility to transition from one season to another. It is also important that the furniture is suited for an outdoor environment—which means it should be able to withstand inclimate weather, varying temperatures, and the general wear and tear that life brings. 

You should look for polypropylene rugs, waterproof fabrics for pillows, and fabrics that will not fade easily when exposed to the sun. Outdoor fabrics are typically more expensive but that is because the manufacturer has put in the right chemicals in order for them to last! So be sure to invest in these types of products.

Indoor/Outdoor Sky and Navy Strip Lumbar, Indoor/Outdoor Kelly Green Stripe Lumbar, Indoor/Outdoor Red and Blue Stripe Lumbar

Bring Indoor Elements Outside

With an indoor/outdoor space like Sandra’s screened-in porch, we were able to bring some indoor elements to the outside. She has a beautiful stone fireplace, which we decorated by putting cutting boards above the mantle. If you have an outdoor mantle or any space that needs to be filled, boxwood plants always make a beautiful addition. Boxwood’s love the humidity and will thrive as long as they are not in direct sunlight.

White Tapas Board, Nosara Round Natural Wood Cutting Board

Let Nature Inspire Your Outdoor Space

When creating an inviting outdoor space, let nature inspire your decor. Opt for more natural materials, lines, and textures rather than clean and crisp. You want your outdoor entertaining space to feel like just as much an extension of nature as it is an extension of your home.

Introduce greenery to add pops of color, use sprigs of fresh herbs to mark a placesetting, or bring out elements from some of your favorite beach memories by scattering shells throughout the tablescape.

 Teakwood Bowl, Assorted Shells, Small Round Hammered Metal Bowl with Gold Finish

XOXO, Katrina

October 20, 2023 — Katrina Morris

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